Wedding Photography – The Pre-Wedding Meeting

This morning I met Geoff and Lauren at the Bay Cafe and over a cup of coffee we spent nearly an our going over their exciting plans for their summer beach wedding.

Geoff and Lauren also had an opportunity to view my wedding portfolio (on my new iPad!) and see my style of photography which is natural and candid. 

At our meeting we went through the whole day, I found out what is important to Geoff and Lauren, (they mentioned another “must have” photo which is with an old school friend who is making a special trip from the UK for their wedding), this lets me know the type of wedding they are planning and the coverage they require. 

Lauren has chosen to have coverage from her home while she is getting ready, and I will arrive at  her home at least an hour before I leave for the ceremony at the beach (which will be 15-20 minutes before Lauren leaves, so I can capture Geoff waiting to see his beautiful bride).  I always love it when I get to photograph the bride getting ready and take photographs of the bridal gown hanging on the hanger near a window, in a doorway and then the bride getting dressed and those beautiful mirror shots, the bridesmaids, and the bride’s parents.

Weddings are very personal events and it is important that the bride and groom have rapport with you and that they feel totally relaxed.  For this reason I feel it is important to have a pre wedding photo session, or you may want to call it an engagement photo session, as it gives the bride and groom a further opportunity to get to know you and for me to get to know the bride and groom.  I have booked Geoff and Lauren to have their pre wedding photo session late in January which is a month before their wedding date.  I will leave the pre wedding photo session there, as it is the title of my next blog!

My style is relaxed and unobtrusive, professional and this flows through in my work, creating natural beautiful images and wedding photography to me is about fun, happiness and the emotions of the day. It is not about high pressure, taking over etc.  Who wants to give stress to a bride and groom on their wedding day.  If the photographer is relaxed the bride and groom will be also.

pre-wedding shoot