Tips for Photogenic Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is the most emotional, symbolic and meaningful part of your wedding day. The moments pass so quickly that the day can be a blur. With stunning Central Coast wedding photography, these moments are captured forever and will be enjoyed for generations to come.


Central Coast New South Wales has breathtaking romantic scenery, and many amazing venues and photo opportunities. When choosing your wedding location take into account the time of day that your wedding ceremony will take place, what direction the sun will be in during the ceremony, and where it will be shining in relation to where you are standing. As a talented and renowned Central Coast Wedding photographer I can plan with you where to place your wedding party for the best shots.


Where you recite your vowels will be a major focal point for your wedding photographs. Whether this is under a gazebo, near a floral arrangement or in a church, check for great photo opportunities! Ensure that the backdrop is brilliant.

Phone and Camera Free Ceremony (unplugged)

Having many guests clicking away on their iPhones, ipads, and cameras is very distracting and doesn’t look good in your wedding photos!  An “unplugged” ceremony results in guests actually paying attention to what is happening, you are getting married!  Consider asking your celebrant to have a mobile phone free ceremony.

After the Ceremony

For the shots after the ceremony when you are walking down the aisle, moments after your nuptials, you will be engulfed by good wishes and excitement from family and friends. Ensure that you stick together when you walk back down the aisle! It can be easy to become separated in all the elation!

If you follow these tips your wedding ceremony will be spectacularly photogenic! I specialize as a wedding photographer Central Coast regions and have a wealth of experience in creating wedding photography that you will cherish forever. To know more about my photography services & packages in and around Central Coast, Contact Me!

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