How to Organise an Outdoor Wedding with Guests

Having an outdoor wedding is exciting and can take many shapes and forms, from barnyard to formal dinner party! When planning an outdoor wedding, you will need to advise guests on the theme so that they can choose their outfits accordingly and arrive in style.  


Co-ordinate Your Invitations

Mention your wedding theme on your invitations so that guests can prepare. Be sure to do this in a friendly and polite way. For example PS:  The wedding reception will be held in the garden – please wear suitable footwear and bring a jacket!

It is a nice idea to co-ordinate your invitations to the theme of the wedding. For example, if you are having a beach wedding, use blue and sand coloured tones and add some beach-like designs to the invitation.

Set the Right Scene

Let your guests know your dress code so that they do not commit a fashion blunder on your day! If you are having a wedding in a farm setting, boots and more casual attire may be suitable. Or their best clothing may be appropriate for a formal tea party.


Beach Weddings

Beach weddings are romantic and fun. Nature can also throw some wind into the mix, which may affect the way that guests will have their hair done and the outfit that they choose.


Garden Parties

Garden weddings can be very casual or extremely formal. Let the guests know if you would prefer them to wear the best attire or their jeans! The invitation can also be styled with flowers and plants and either kept plain or foil stamped for a more elaborate look.


The Non-Standard Wedding

If you are having a non-standard wedding then your invitations should be just as unique! Whether you are getting married on an island, in the mountains or in the backyard, co-ordinate the invitations to the theme. Also, consider what elements your guests may have to prepare for – is it a windy environment? Will guests need special clothing such as flat shoes or a coat? Will they need to pack their sunscreen?

Having an outdoor wedding is a couple’s dream. Ensure that your guests are notified of the theme so that they can dress appropriately and bring any extras that they need on your big day.

A themed wedding or unique colour scheme for guest attire also looks great in the wedding photographs.

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smiling bride with bouquet