Why Lighting is an Important Factor of Wedding Photography

When planning a wedding, whether on the Central Coast or anywhere in the world, the bride and groom always wish for a sunny day! However, when photographing a wedding, the sun can sometimes be tricky – it makes people squint and can create unwanted shadows. The sun in not always flattering to the complexion!

Some cloud cover is ideal for wedding photography. That being said, lighting can be worked with to create amazing photographs in any weather.


Timing Your Wedding for Photographs

Particularly if your wedding is outdoors let your Hunter Valley Wedding photographer know the time of your wedding.

Sunsets are great for photographs, and so timing your wedding so that the ceremony finishes around an hour before sunset is ideal.

If the ceremony needs to be held at a time that is not best for light your Hunter Valley photographers can plan with you the best areas available with shade.


Indoor Photos with Hunter Valley Photographers

Indoor lighting can be used with great effect as your photographer can control the light to create beautiful, emotional, and romantic photographs.


Reception Lighting

Consider the lighting in your reception venue in relation to photography. Fluorescent lighting, downlights and coloured LED lights do not usually create good photos. When these types of lights and other poor lighting is used the colour and brightness can be different in every shot.

Also, think about lighting up the area of the room where speeches will be given, so that your photographer will not need to use a flash. A flash can alter the mood and this may reflect in the photos.

Speak to Artistique, your Hunter Valley Wedding Photographers. We will go through the different lighting scenarios with you and we can together plan how to get the most stunning photography on your wedding day.

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